Online Ash Immersion and Pind daan by post

Soul Peace serves to those people also, who have not to time but want to give/perform Ash Immersion, Pindaan / shradh or Tarpan for their ancestors or departed family members.

Why Us

To help and facilitate the Hindu families all over the world, want to attain Moksha for their deceased family member by performing Asthi Visarjan, Pind Daan and Shradh in traditional & religious manneron behalf of the family members of departing soul.

Online Ashes Immersion Services

Ashes Immersion is called “Asthi Visarjan” in Hindi. In Telegu, it is called Asthi Nimajjanam. We offer Online Ashes Immersion Services across various Religious Places in all over the world.

Online Pind Daan And Shraddh

Soul Peace Foundation also perform Pind daan and Shradh on behalf of the devotee who cannot visit these places. They can do it virtually through Video calls.

Online Tripindi Shradh Puja

It gives positive results to every family member, helps to achieve blessings of ancestors which neutralizes negative energy and hurdles in life.

Online Narayan Bali Puja

Narayan Bali Puja is performed to attain peace of the departed soul especially if death is not natural like death due to any accident.

Online Rudrabhishek

Soul Peace foundation help devotees to perform Rudhrabhishek Puja. It is advised to take prior bookings for Rudhrabhishek Puja is always over crowded and we need to take prior booking from temple authoraties.

Online Ganesh Puja Hawan

If you are feeling that you always face problems in life at each step you can perform Ganesh Pujan and Hawan. It will create a positive feeling and make life easier.

Who We Are

Soul Peace Foundation does not charge exorbitant prices. As we are not working for money, but wish to provide you proper rituals as Vedic manners and serve you for years to come.

Soul Peace Foundation is a registered Society. Society’s sole aim is to provide services to the Hindus living around the world with the help of our expert and learned Acharyas (who attain full knowledge of Garur Puran and Smriti Shastra) by performing last rituals on the banks of holy rivers, on behalf of the deceased's family member.

Soal Peace Foundation provide a Virtual Platform to NRIs, who keep their deceased or ancestor’s ashes with them and cannot come to India by their personal reasons, They can send their Loved one’s ashes and request for Shraadh or Pind-daanam rituals for them.

Our Main Services

Soul Peace foundation is functioning in the cities that have great importance according to Hindu mythology, for performing the after-death rituals.

Online Ash Immersion service

Online Ash Immersion Services across various Religious Places

Online Pind Daan Service

Varshik Shraddha, Tirth Shraddh, Sankalpik Shraddh, Tripindi Shraddh, Narayan Bali Shraddh etc

Online Tripindi Shradh

Tripindi Shraddh is performed to neutralize the Kundali Dosh of the devotee